Thursday, 16 August 2012

Went to town today :3 bought a couple things that were needed..

I haven't tried GOSH products before but i've seen a lot of it and it was on sale and i needed some thermal heat protection product for my hair and it just so happen to be on sale :3 however i bought the Got2b 425F heat protection at walmart probably about 10 minutes before but decided to try both just incase one sucks the nuts.

Then i got some rolling papers cause we're flat out and they always go missing, we HAD to try the sizzling bacon... because we had to :3 and they suck they smell and taste salty.. that's about it, however the paper is decorated with pigs n_n the bambi paps you see are chocolate and they are utterly delicious and i'm about to roll one up with them right after this blog, and last for papers just the organic unbleached hemp rolling papers :] they burn excellent!

I've had Vampire Blood once before and it was my favorite and i went through it so quickly so i had to pick up two :3 I'm not really into vampires all that much but this insense is to die for :p and derp i picked myself up a magazine cause it gets a little boring and disconnected living in the mountains :3 need some fashion intertainment once in a while since satellite just dont do the trick for me...

Ps- So because i live out in the mountains/country/bay we have our own internet service and i've only had the internet for maybe a week or two and i'm almost already used up my months worth of space which is 20GB ... -_- so i won't be blahblahblahgging as often ... welll i probably will but most likely more sensible then just posting every couple hours and so forth..

Until next time,

miss lulu

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