Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hello out there fellow blawgers!

Hey there bloggers, Miss Lulu here!
I will be starting my blog later today seeing as it's 12:01 AM now... So stay tune for a post later today, i hope to post a new blog everyday and keep up with what i get in the mail seeing as i am an online shop aholic.. living in the mountains where theres no where to really strut my stuff >.< ... you'll understand later on in progress of this blog.

Anyhow i should go join my boyfriend on the couch i just got the internet FINALLY since i moved into this house (3 months) after getting out of Digital Arts and New Media college courses for 2 years, then going cold turkey with no internet ... So i've been glued to my screen since this afternoon.

                                     (excuse my cuteness)

Miss Lulu

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