Sunday, 12 August 2012

Online Shopaholic

 Soo i have this little addiction... well.. it's more of a growing addiction to online shopping.. :D
I suppose i will be posting what i order from now on on here, not only to keep on track but to show who ever is interested in wasting their time looking at my blog, and keeping up and seeing photo's of when they come in!! i will do my best to take stylish fashionable photo's for eye candy for you and who ever is with you or out there ;3

So here's the boot that i ordered today, that's right boot. Only one singular boot. That boot in fact :3
Beauty aint she? i guess we shall wait till the pair comes in and see how they fit, feel and look :3 Can't wait to style these beauties. It says 1-3 days, but that might just be in the states (i'm in Canada) We'll see ;3

 Punky Colour Hair Dye - Poppy RedPunky Colour Hair Dye - Lagoon Blue
Also on the list of ordering i ordered in 3 lagoon blue punky colour's && two poppy red punky colour's going to dye my extensions and hair blue once it comes in and keep that for a while i think.. :D

(in other news, my boss at work today said they were going to start training me for the snack shack for september when things slow down at the golf course (currently working as the beer cart girl :)))


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