Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hookah & Shisha (ebay)

If you like to smoke but don't like cigarettes or rolling tobacco or don't like smoking ganga all the time Hookahs are a great thing to have around! I ordered this hookah yesterday and i ordered a package of 5 different Shisha flavours that are 0% NICOTINE and 0% TOBACCO!

I have this little upstairs (i'll take before and after photo's when i eventually get around to making my hookah den n_n)

* Height of hookah - 64.5 cm / 25.39 inches
* Width of glass base - 20 cm / 7.87 inches
* Length of hookah hose (measured from end to end) - 148 cm / 58.26 inches

Comes with:
10 Plastic Wrapped Plastic Mouthpieces
1 Pair of Metal Tongs with Poking Stick

I also bought some shisha from ebay the package comes with 5 boxes/ 250 grams Soex Herbal Flavour Shisha 
0% Nicotine 0% Tobacco  

 I'm not actually sure what all the flavours are however i'm super excited to try the variety :3

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