Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rude posting over facebook.

So i encountered a post i assume was about me this afternoon which was from a model that i had yet time to work with because i as well have a life and it definitely does not revolve around this one girl. I suppose she was "considerate" enough not to post my name however that wouldn't have mattered, i would have only just commented on the post saying my half. She said i had ruined her hair, for one: she came to my house wasted our first time getting together so i could cut her hair. She was so hammered she was bent all the way over and was a complete mess, i started the hair cut when she was only half cut then by the time i was trying to touch it up there was no hope because she was practically passing out. THEN i help put her hair extensions in because she's not capable herself. Not to mention a week later i did some FREE edits for her so she could send her photos into an online store she wanted to model for (of course she forgot to mention that part!) She then continued how i don't even have anywhere to shoot or any lights, this is suppose to be a TFP shoot, i am not a professional and she is definitely not one either, she does not have anywhere to shoot or any proper lighting either, i was willing to help her out and maybe get something good enough to use in my portfolio. She did not try to hook anything up she only responded we should hang out and actually hangout this time. There were no arrangements of what days she had off or when she would be free. I have not replied and will not reply to her because i want to keep things professional and i shouldn't let someone like that make me feel angered although it was very childish to write a post over facebook (one of the reason i cannot handle facebook! say it to my face not over the internet then delete me like a child would) i personally would never start a conflict over facebook or any social network, especially with those intensions. Very unprofessional and i am happy not to have to work with her :) Thank goodness for blogging! Or i would have had to keep that in ;) xx lulu

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