Saturday, 5 January 2013

Getting thing started in this new year.

So i'm putting together a new photoshop series for magazine submissions trying to get myself published this year. That's big on my list for goals and such this year is to be published. I posted 3 casting calls on one in Vancouver, London England, and Los Angeles California for Photographers, Models, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists. I've gotten tons of replies, way more than i thought i would have judging from last year. All together i had about 80 replies. This is where things started feeling like i was actually pulling my career together slowly. My first real casting and people are super excited to be apart of it. So i've deleted all the messages from the candidates that aren't right for this project and have narrowed it down to about half of the people. I love being able to study each persons work actually choosing if they are right for my project or not. It's a whole other world when you get to pick the people you work with. Updates will be made weekly so keep checking back ;) xo lucy

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