Monday, 27 August 2012

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Model: Kristen Marie


Started a cleanse yesterday, it was suppose to be fruits the first day veggies the second but i did it backwards and did veggies the first and fruit today :3 

So it's a 7 day cleanse it's called eat your heart out. I thought about doing a total cleanse but i am not capable of just drinking water and cyanne and such for 10 days, so i found a cleanse that suits my lifestyle and everyday eating habbits. (i am a munchie chronic abuser, for i smoke the ganga)

So first day i ate veggies except i was at work with no food and i happen to come by a Nectarine and indulged my hunger with that.. other than that i did well :3 And today i started off with a smoothie even though its 2:49 already... that was breakfast hahaha super delicious you should go make one yourself!!

5 strawberries
2 handfuls of frozen raspberries
250 ml of coconut water :3

Look what came in the mail ^.^

Friday, 24 August 2012


Needed a hat for myself.. I knew i wanted an OBEY hat and what do you know one that suits my taste :3 I payed about 10 dollars for this hat, it's adjustable by snap back and im PUMPED.

Hair Dye is in!

Here it is!! Came in today :3 Just picked it up from the mailbox.
Currently put some bleach in my hair on the left side because i hadn't had that side dyed since i last shaved my mohawk, so its all natural.. not for long :p  The 2 on the top are Poppy Red Punky Colour && the three on the bottom are Lagoon Blue Punk Colour

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Kate Mazurok

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Iphones cases :3

Because i just got my iphone i thought i'd buy a couple of cheap cases just for looks n_n
I bought the dark pink one first but then came across the light pink one and bought that afterwards. So i'm giving the darker pink one to one of my girlfriends ^-^

3D Cute Pink Bear Silicone Soft Skin Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4S w/Cleaner3D Cute Baby Pink Bear Silicone Skin Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4S w/Cleaner
I got both of them for an average $6 each.

Then i came across this one and i got it for aprox $11 n_n
All three of these cases were bidding on ebay which i won all of them ^-^

HK leopard print:

Pyramid Studs

I bought silver and gold both 100 Pc packs. I bought the Gold pyramid studs for $2.84 and the silver ones for $3.49 i bought them from different suppliers to see which i liked better of if i even like either of them :3  Both with free shipping (if you're looking on ebay make sure to look for free shipping or at least how much the shipping is because it can really kick you in the butt!)

Once they come in i'm going to be bejewelling my clothes along with tutorials DIY's! = do it yourself!

Hookah & Shisha (ebay)

If you like to smoke but don't like cigarettes or rolling tobacco or don't like smoking ganga all the time Hookahs are a great thing to have around! I ordered this hookah yesterday and i ordered a package of 5 different Shisha flavours that are 0% NICOTINE and 0% TOBACCO!

I have this little upstairs (i'll take before and after photo's when i eventually get around to making my hookah den n_n)

* Height of hookah - 64.5 cm / 25.39 inches
* Width of glass base - 20 cm / 7.87 inches
* Length of hookah hose (measured from end to end) - 148 cm / 58.26 inches

Comes with:
10 Plastic Wrapped Plastic Mouthpieces
1 Pair of Metal Tongs with Poking Stick

I also bought some shisha from ebay the package comes with 5 boxes/ 250 grams Soex Herbal Flavour Shisha 
0% Nicotine 0% Tobacco  

 I'm not actually sure what all the flavours are however i'm super excited to try the variety :3

ByeBye Blackberry

So i ended up getting an iphone cause i dropped my blackberry in the toilet :3
I got the ebay app that evening and went on a little splurge even though i just splurged on my phone :P

also did training for the snack shack at the golf course :3