Friday, 14 December 2012

What the hell am i doing :/

Soooo it's been a while since anything really happened and was accomplished for me, i have the motivation , it's building... it is... i can feel it.. and it's almost there. I finally have a deadline which is Sunday and im trying to slowly pull my head out of the clouds to do what i need to. For some reason i just really love to dilly dally.. if you know what i mean...

Tonight seeing as i need to stop being a lazy F*#k i think i'm going to try stripping my hair of the hideous pink i have doused it in weeks ago and now it is just an ugly pink stain. I also want to get my hair cut then dye it another colour. MIND YOU THIS, if i EVER blog about wanting to dye my hair pink again PLEASE ... PLEASE tell me its a bad idea and a week or two into it  i'll want to rip my hair out or bleach the SH*T out of it (which i'm really trying to stay away from)

This upcoming weekend, my girlfriends are in town so hoping to drink a couple of bottles of wine with them.. tomorrow i have to cut and possibly dye michelles hair, on sunday i have to meet for coffee with the photographer and model im doing hair and makeup for then basically go set up and do the shoot, then meet up with the band i'm doing their album cover for and kind of work some shit and get it ready for print (pictures will be up later of both)

THEN on monday i'm going christmas shopping with my ma hoping she'll help me pay for a couple things since i am totally broke ass since mexico.

anyways thats all for now i suppose... looking to do a makeup or fashion management course next year possibly in vancouver.. probably leaning more towards fashion management, i'll just learn makeup off of youtube :P

tata for now

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